About Jen

Montana Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Jennifer Kirk Viciedo has experience working with a wide variety of clients though she has a particular interest in reproductive, perinatal, and maternal/paternal mental health. Jennifer has served individuals, children and families in the Bozeman area for the last 10 years.

In 2002, Jennifer earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Seattle University. Upon graduating she worked for a Non-Profit in Seattle helping low-income children and their families improve their emotional stability and self-sufficiency. Inspired by her experiences working with these families, Jennifer pursued a career in counseling attending Montana State University’s graduate counseling program where she received her Master’s degree in Health and Human Development with a focus on Marriage and Family Counseling in 2007. Within her post graduate career Jennifer has worked for King County's Children's Crisis Outreach Response System (CCORS) providing crisis and de-escalation services to children, youth and families in Seattle WA. She then journeyed back to Montana and joined Youth Dynamics, a statewide Non-profit behavior health organization focusing on Mental & Behavioral Health for Montana Kids & Families as the therapist and the lead clinical staff for the Bozeman area. During these years Jennifer worked with many children and their families focusing on a variety of issues including: life transitions, anger management, grief, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorders, bipolar disorders in children, boundaries, sexual trauma, foster care, adoption, self-esteem, school issues, family dynamics and  attachment issues.

In 2011 Jennifer became a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Montana and opened her own practice. Her engaging personality, gentle nature and calm demeanor creates a safe environment where trust is built through genuine honesty and authenticity. She understands that her clients benefit from having a compassionate space to process their experiences.

Having worked with families, adolescents and children for a decade, Jennifer recognized the importance for mothers and families to create strong foundations early on, setting themselves and their children up for greater success. In 2014 Jennifer became focused on the intricateness of the perinatal period (pregnancy, birth and 1st year) and the mother’s transition through this time. She became trained as a birth and postpartum doula and earned a certificate in Maternal Mental Health from Postpartum Support International. Her passion is helping clients navigate the complex emotional experiences that are part of becoming and being a parent. This focus is rooted in a deep understanding of how difficult each step of the journey can be, from fertility to birth or adoption to raising a child.

Jennifer enjoys walking the trails of Bozeman with her dog Sophie, camping, skiing, floating the rivers with friends and family, and reading and cooking for her 2 young sons Brooks and Blake and her husband Dave. Whether through work or her community Jennifer enjoys the opportunity to encourage others and she would be honored to work with you.